The Novembertagung on the History and Philosophy of Mathematics is an international graduate conference in the history and philosophy of mathematics and neighbouring fields. It aims to provide an opportunity for PhD students and early career researchers to present and discuss their research in an informal and safe environment. Also, it allows young researchers share experiences, get advice and establish new contacts.

Previous Events

The first Novembertagung took place in 1990 in Wuppertal, Germany. Since then, each year it has been organised in cooperation with a different institution: In 2019 it took place in Strasbourg, France, in 2018 in Sevilla, Spain, and in 2017 in Brussels, Belgium. More on the history of the conference, as well as themes, invited speakers and organisers of previous conferences can be found here.

In 2020 the conference takes place in Berlin, Germany.

Organizing Committee 2020

The organizing committee can be contacted via e-mail.

Paul Hasselkuß (Düsseldorf)

Mail: paul [dot] hasselkuss [at] uni-duesseldorf [dot] de
Web: https://hasselkuss.com

Tiago Hirth (Lisbon)

Mail: xztiago [at] gmail [at] com
Web:  http://ciuhct.org/en/members/tiago-hirth

Deborah Kant (Konstanz)

Mail: kantdebo [at] gmail [dot] com
Web: http://deborahkant.org

Tobias Schütz (Mainz)

Mail: tschuetz [at] uni-mainz [dot] de
Web: https://www.geschichte.mathematik.uni-mainz.de/arbeitsgruppe/

Deniz Sarikaya (Hamburg)

Mail: Deniz.Sarikaya [at] uni-hamburg [dot] de
Web: https://denizsarikaya.weebly.com/

Anna Kiel Steensen (Zürich)

Mail: anna [dot] steensen [at] gess [dot] ethz [dot] ch
Web: https://hpm.ethz.ch/people/person-detail.MjMyODk1.TGlzdC8yNDY4LC0yNDgyNTI2NTg=.html

Benjamin Wilck (HU Berlin)

Mail: benjamin [dot] wilck3 [at] gmail [dot] com
Web: https://ancient-philosophy.hu-berlin.de/en/ancient-philosophy/people/students/benjaminwilck